Author Tom Church Director of People Operations


The JUMBO Growth Framework is our comprehensive roadmap for personal and professional development. It’s a structured yet flexible guide that helps our team members navigate their career paths within our company. The framework comprises various levels, each representing a stage in an employee’s career progression, from Junior Specialist all the way to Lead Specialist.


Our Growth Framework is more than a ladder to climb; it’s a commitment to every team member’s continuous growth and success. It’s tailored to:

  • Recognise and Reward: Clearly define career advancement opportunities, ensuring that hard work and dedication are duly recognised and rewarded.
  • Cultivate Expertise: Foster deep knowledge and skills across various functions, from project and strategic consultancy in offshore wind to business operations.
  • Enhance Versatility: Encourage the development of a diverse skill set, allowing employees to explore and contribute in different areas of our business.


  • Clarity in Career Progression: Understand exactly what it takes to move to the next level, with transparent criteria and achievable milestones.
  • Tailored Development Plans: Benefit from personalized development discussions and goal setting, aligning individual aspirations with organizational needs.
  • Continuous Learning: Access to a wide range of internal and external resources, training, and cross-functional experiences.

At JUMBO, we believe that our team’s growth fuels our success. We’re committed to providing a supportive environment where every individual can thrive. Whether you’re an experienced professional or at the early stages of your career, our Growth Framework is designed to guide you towards realising your full potential, while significantly contributing to our mission of leading the way in the offshore wind industry.


If you’re looking for a career that grows with you, where your achievements are celebrated and your potential is recognised, look no further. JUMBO Consulting Group is not just a workplace; it’s a place where careers are nurtured, ambitions are achieved, and successes are celebrated. We invite you to explore our current openings and become part of a team that’s committed to the green transition.

For more information or an informal discussion about JUMBO CG, please reach out to Tom Church or Mikkel Riisgaard.

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