JUMBO Consulting Group provides consultancy services through the life-span of a project, from early development through the procurement, execution, operation and maintenance phases. We provide both services and products by offering strategic and project consultancy services, as well as training. Our cross service offering enables us to successfully deliver renewable projects worldwide.

01. Project Delivery

We design, manage, and execute the complete procurement and contracting process from end-to-end, ensuring contracts that satisfy our customers’ risk profile and business case requirements. We cover all offshore renewable energy scopes, across all phases of the project. We make negotiated results become operational successes by ensuring continuity of the project sucesss criteria across all phases.

Our team integrates with yours to provide the following project consultancy services: procurement and contract management, category management and supply chain development.


We partake in supporting, managing and executing your project development and procurement processes, entering into contracts that meet your risk profile and business case requirements.

Procurement Management

  • Deliver project governance to enable decision making
  • Drafting tender materials
  • Launch and project manage the tender

Procurement PMO

  • “Plug & Play” Procurement processes and infrastructure including “Procurement to Contract (P2C)” Governance Model
  • Wider PMO function available

Our services comprise but are not limited to:

Project Analysis

  • Client Success Criteria
  • Business Case Drivers
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Scope and Interface Analysis
  • Programme Analysis


  • Development and Issue of ITT
  • Review and Evaluation of Bids
  • Negotiations
  • Client Recommendations
  • Contract Signing

Strategy Development

  • Supply Chain Analysis
  • Procurement Strategy
  • Contracting Strategy
  • ITT Planning
  • Selection of Tenderers

Contract Management

We make negotiated results become operational successes by bridging the gap between the procurement and execution phases, ensuring lessons learned from the early development phases and previous projects are captured and applied throughout.  We carry out contract management with a view to achieve optimisation, keep variations to a minimum, realise the budget and improve on the overall business case and timeline.

Our services comprise but are not limited to:


  • Contract Administration
  • Project Management
  • Contract Management
  • Claims Management
  • Risk Management
  • Interface Management

Project completion

  • Contract and Claims Close Out
  • Completion of Project Documentation
  • Handover to Operations

Contract Advisory

Building on the accumulated experience of some of the most experienced lawyers and contract experts in the renewable energy industry, our Contract Advisory function provides advisory services to clients, as well as drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts. Simultaneously, we work to consolidate knowledge into physical formats such as tools and templates to the benefit our clients and our front-end consultancy services. We diagnose our client’s contract management organisation and suggest improvements based on best practices, as well as provide training services that combine theory with practical application and toolboxes.

  • Determination of contracting strategy to align with project concept and delivery model
  • Contract form alignment with risk profile and funding strategy
  • Manage claims and variations leveraging our legal history and capability

We have specific expertise across the following offshore renewable sectors





02. Strategic Consultancy

Our Strategic Consultancy offerings have evolved from over 17 years of expertise in advising developers, investors and suppliers in the offshore renewable industry.

We offer strategic advisory services across all offshore renewable technologies, led by industry experts and backed by extensive organisational knowledge.

These services include advisory for strategy development and implementation; market and supply chain analysis and development; organisational structures; and commercial and contract due diligence.


Supply chain development

Supply Chain

Our team consists of experts across all of the supply chain categories allowing us to leverage our knowledge to conduct tailor-made supply chain analyses for our clients in the early project phase.

We provide customized supply chain analyses in the early project phase to identify local supply chain gaps and suggest local content opportunities, balancing project goals, government requirements, and economic factors together with overall supply chain considerations.

This analysis will allow you to make strategic decisions about your project whether that be:

  • Competitive procurement process
  • Long-term capacity bookings
  • Framework agreements; or,
  • Starting from the beginning where supply chain development is to be initiated in your region
Procurement Management


We drive bid processes for developers and investors from the early development phase – from initial project analysis and concept assessment to the final bid submission within the below practice areas led by industry experts.

  • Project Concept & scoping
  • Regulatory framework overview
  • Supply Chain analysis
  • Local content assessment & development
  • Procurement Strategy & sourcing
  • Business case development
  • Bid strategy and drafting

We have specific expertise across the following offshore renewable sectors





03. Training

In a rapidly growing industry, skill development is key for long-term success. Whether refining current skillsets or developing new ones, JUMBO Consulting Group’s in-house and online training solutions enable personal development that is industry-centric and designed to upskill the workforce. Our training is developed in partnership with the Renewable Construction Academy.

Building on our experience, we have developed several industry-specific courses and educations that combine up-to-date knowledge with practical and commercial lessons learned.

At the Renewable Construction Academy, you will find our role-based, online courses and education programmes for newcomers and professionals in the industry. All of our educational content, developed by our in-house experts, is practical and applicable, utilising real-life case studies to enhance learning. Contact us or go to for more information.