JUMBO Consulting Group

We are headquartered in Copenhagen and have offices in Hamburg, Taipei, Seoul, and (soon) Melbourne. We have over 20 consultants on board with extensive experience in the construction and civil engineering industries offering procurement and contract management consultancy services. The bulk of our expertise lies in offshore wind.


  • Copenhagen, Denmark
    Jumbo Consulting Group P/S
    Islands Brygge 26, 2nd floor, 2300 – Copenhagen S
    +45 2868 4896

    Company no.: 38328832


  • Taipei, Taiwan
    Jumbo Consulting Group P/S Taiwan Branch
    14F., No. 206, Sec. 1, Keelung Rd., Taipei 110
    Company no.: 54955586

  • Seoul, South Korea
    Jumbo Consulting Group P/S South Korea
    Pinnacle Tower, 8F-9F, Hakdong-ro343, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

  • Hamburg, Germany
    Jumbo Consulting Group P/S Germany
    Neuerwall 10, 20354, Hamburg


Ulrik Bang-Olsen CEO / Managing partner
Louise Lillien Flørning Office Manager
Asger Pedersen Senior Director
Bente Østerbye Senior Director
Thomas Bekkevold Senior Director
Mathias Légaré Holm Consultant
Ramus Skousen Student Assistant


Morten Søjborg Partner
Dennis Shih Senior Contract Manager
Mikel Sanz Senior Consultant
Marta Vesga Senior Consultant
Torben Pedersen Senior Consultant
Michelle Adamick Business Development
Becky Tao Senior Contract Manager
Jake Kuo Senior Contract Manager
Michelle Tsai Assistant Contract Manager
Jason Liang Senior Contract Manager
Jay Lee Senior Contract Manager

Hamburg Office

Jacqueline Robertson Senior Director

Melbourne office
(opening soon)

Amy Boersma Country Manager