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JUMBO Consulting Group is a highly experienced and specialised advisor that offers strategic services and project consultancy for offshore wind and floating wind projects. We provide support throughout the entire project lifecycle, from early development to procurement, execution, operation, and maintenance phases. Our goal is to bring your project to fruition with the highest level of expertise and professionalism.

We offer strategic services for clients looking to invest in new production capabilities, focusing on identifying new market entry opportunities for our clients. Additionally, our project consultancy services include procurement management, contract management, legal advisory, category management, and supply chain development that ensure the success of every project.


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We partake in advising, managing and executing your project development and procurement processes, entering into contracts that meet your risk profile and business case requirements.

We ensure operational success by bridging procurement and execution phases, applying lessons learned from the early development phases and previous projects.


Our team integrates seamlessly with yours, driving your business opportunities forward and laying the foundation for informed decision-making in bid submissions or market entry.


Building on our extensive experience in offshore wind, we have developed several industry-specific courses and education programmes with the Renewable Construction Academy. These training solutions are available to everyone and complement our consultancy services. By taking advantage of these programmes, you can capture valuable lessons learned and apply them within your organisation.


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