Jumbo Consultancy Group carefully selects skilled and experienced team members with legal, commercial, project management and engineering backgrounds in the renewable energy industry.

Our team of cross-discipline specialists enable us to ensure successful project deliveries, while addressing and managing project interfaces and risks in a structured manner and from a contractual, commercial and technical perspective.

Our team offers a truly holistic approach whereby we reduce client risk and increase project efficiency. Please meet our team!

Copenhagen Office

Morten Søjborg CEO, Partner
Jesper Frederiksen Head of New Markets
Louise Lillien Flørning Office Manager
Bente Østerbye Senior Director
Thomas Bekkevold Senior Director
Jens Munk Senior Director
Ninna Ipsen Senior Director
David Lewis Senior Consultant
Michelle Adamick Director of Business Development
Mathias Légaré Holm Consultant
Rasmus Skousen Consultant
Olivia Bech Consultant
Noa Caroline Faber Student Assistant

Taipei Office

Marta Vesga Country Managing Director
Dennis Shih Senior Contract Manager
Torben Pedersen Senior Consultant
Becky Tao Senior Contract Manager
Jake Kuo Senior Contract Manager
Michelle Tsai Assistant Contract Manager
Jason Liang Senior Contract Manager
Jay Lee Senior Contract Manager
Winnie Ho Document Control Project Manager
Eryani Yulita Business Development Manager
Jonathan Bird Senior Contract Manager
Darren King Senior Contract Manager

Oslo Office

Dan Thorkildsen Country Managing Director
Jennifer Poly Director of Contract Management
Alexander Arteaga Senior Director
Olav Nordli Senior Director

Hamburg Office

Asger Pedersen Country Managing Director
Corinna Meyer Procurement & Contract Management Consultant
Alexander Cortes Procurement & Contract Management Consultant

Aberdeen Office

Martin Evans Country Managing Director
Tom Church Director of People Operations

Warsaw Office

Mateusz Dowgalec Country Managing Director

Seoul Office

Ulrik Bang-Olsen Partner, Chairman of the Board

Melbourne Office

Amy Boersma Country Managing Director
Andrew Kha Senior Consultant