Author Ulrik Bang-Olsen Partner, Chairman of the Board +82 10 8398 4808

JUMBO designs new tailor made course for transport and installation contracts in the offshore wind industry.

The offshore wind industry is still in its infancy when it comes to having industry wide accepted standards and templates to work with. For the past many years, the industry has to a large degree used standard forms of contract not developed to be fit for purpose for offshore works (such as the FIDIC Forms of Contract) while forms intended to be used for offshore works, e.g. LOGIC, may not exactly fulfil the needs for the construction of offshore wind farms. As such, the industry is working with amended versions of various standards with no aligned and uniform approach.

In our Transport & Installation course, we see beyond the format of the contract and focus instead on the particular risks and pitfalls entailed in performing works offshore for wind farms and how these can be mitigated and addressed contractually.

Please reach out to us in case you are interested in hearing about in-house training sessions focused on the challenges of your business.

Ulrik Bang-Olsen