Author Michelle Adamick Director of Marketing & Communications

JUMBO Consulting Group is delighted to announce that Maria Kjær has just joined us this month. In her role as Senior Director for JUMBO Consulting Group, Maria assumes responsibility as leader of JUMBO’s Key Practice Area for Category Management and Supply Chain Development.

Maria has been working in the energy industry for over 14 years and has a long international leadership history within procurement, supply chains, commercial negotiation and value adding supplier/customer relations. Maria is a change agent with high impact on stakeholders and is highly skilled at building capabilities within organizations.

Maria Kjær, Senior Director comments,

I’m very excited to be part of a dedicated, ambitious, and international team working on the green transformation of our society. The renewable agenda has never been more important and I’m truly passionate about the opportunity to help clients in the acceleration of the needed transformation. JUMBO Consultancy Group is for me the optimal playground for what I do; make sustainable changes and business improvements, develop strong supply change solutions, make sound and well documented business decisions, and build clients capabilities.

With the ambitious but needed 0 emission targets around the world, experienced consultants with the knowledge to build agile but robust supply chain solutions are key to support the build-out of the renewable industry. This is what JUMBO is best at, with many years of high level experience in building renewable capex projects, and I look forward to adding to this experience pool, as well as tapping into the expertise from the global teams.”

Morten Søjborg, CEO, also comments on the growing need for cooperation between the supply chain and project developers, as well as category knowledge expertise,

“At a time where there is a growing realisation that a massive build-out of the renewable energy sector is required, new challenges arise with supply chain bottlenecks, a shortage of commodities and rising price levels. These challenges may very well put a damper on the speed of the build-out and the number of projects being developed, which is why there is a need for project developers and the supply chain to come together and find new ways of expanding capacity at scale in a sustainable way.

This requires an intimate category knowledge and experience with supply chain development; and, we are extremely proud that one of the best in the business has decided to join us supporting the green transition and our clients doing exactly that.”

About JUMBO Consulting Group

JUMBO Consulting Group is a leading legal, procurement and contract management consultancy specializing in renewable energy projects, with a primary focus on offshore and floating wind. JUMBO Consulting Group provides project consultancy services within procurement and contract management, supply chain development and contract advisory. We support our clients throughout the lifetime of their project from early development to procurement, execution, operation and maintenance phases.

JUMBO Consulting Group has a global reach with local presence with offices located in Copenhagen (DK), Hamburg (DE), Oslo (NO), Aberdeen (UK), Warsaw (PL), Seoul (KR), Taipei (TW) and Melbourne (AUS).