Author Eryani Yulita Marketing and Communications Manager

As part of the renewable energy industry, JUMBO is committed to improving the level of its sustainable operations and promoting environmental awareness and performance within the company.

JUMBO Consulting Group has therefore just launched a new climate initiative, “The Climate Contribution”. The Climate Contribution is to give back to an industry that has given us so much by providing monetary support to a notable and trusted non-governmental organisation or initiative for climate change research and/or action.

The goal is to raise awareness around climate change and provide inspiration through the involvement of both the JUMBO team, our colleagues and clients using “The Climate Contribution Initiative”.

The concept of our new climate initiative is to donate each year a percentage of our annual profits to a non-governmental organisation or other initiative for climate change research and/or action, where the nomination and selection of the worthy cause is determined through a public consultation followed by a vote by JUMBO team members.

  • First stage – The Nominations

JUMBO invites its network through LinkedIn to put forward their nominee for the Climate Contribution.

  • Second stage – The Selection Process

A committee consisting of JUMBO CG team members will review and evaluate the nominees and put 3 of them forward for a vote.

  • Third stage – The Vote

The 3 selected nominees will be put to a vote where the JUMBO team members select the winner.

  • Final stage – The Award

JUMBO announces the winner of the Climate Contribution which will receive a donation of 1% of JUMBOs profits.

Morten Søjborg, CEO comments:

The challenges of climate change have been voiced for decades and while picking up momentum in the public debate, the sense of urgency and the realisation that we need to change our ways is still lacking.

Cultural change is fueled by purpose and driven by awareness, and this is what we are looking to achieve through our Climate Awareness initiatives.

In the Climate Contribution initiative, we are using our network, and hopefully the networks of our network, to create awareness of all the good people and organisations out there that are doing their bit to combat climate change, and that – with our and your help – can do more. We hope that this initiative will be well received and that you will put forward your nominee for this year’s donation and through that create awareness of their cause and work.”

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