Author Michelle Adamick Director of Marketing & Communications

JUMBO Consulting Group announced today that they have partnered with The Renewable Construction Academy ( as an official Academy Partner.

As an Academy Partner, JUMBO Consulting Group will be responsible for developing online educations and training programmes for professionals and newcomers in the renewable energy industry within their field of expertise, contracts, procurement, and contracts management.

JUMBO Consulting Group has just recently launched their first training course titled IN05 Elements of an Offshore Wind Farm – a course produced for those looking to expand their knowledge and understanding of the components, works and services that form part of and are required to build an offshore wind farm. The course has a broad appeal to everyone working with offshore wind providing a foundation for further professional development and growth in the industry.

The company is also working on launching more exciting educations targeted towards newcomers and professionals in the industry – the Renewable Procurement Manager and the Renewable Contract Manager educations.

Register your interest online here for the Renewable Procurement Manager Education and here for the Renewable Contract Manager Education to be kept informed of our upcoming launch dates.

For purchases in bulk for your team, please contact Morten Søjborg for special rates

Should you have any questions about our online educations please contact Michelle Adamick

IN05 Elements of an Offshore Wind Farm