Author Michelle Adamick Director of Marketing & Communications

The future of offshore wind in Poland shows great promise with the government’s enacting the Offshore Act in January 2021 and the more recent Offshore Wind Sector Deal in September 2021. Carbon reduction targets are ambitious with a planned buildout of offshore wind up to 5.9 GW by 2030 and 11 GW by the end of 2040. Optimistic scenarios assume up to 45 GW of power could be installed in the Polish offshore exclusive zone by 2050.

In light of Poland’s growth plans, limited local experience in offshore wind and rising demand for experienced procurement and contract management services, JUMBO Consulting Group has recently opened a new local office in Warsaw headed up by Country Managing Director, Mateusz Dowgalec

Mateusz Dowgalec, Country Managing Director, Poland commented:

“I joined the renewable energy industry six years ago driven by a passion for making my contribution to a world making the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. Making this transition happen is a road paved with challenges and complexity and we are still at the very beginning of this journey towards turning away from fossil fuels, not least in Poland.

In order to be effective and support organic renewable energy growth, it is crucial to lower market entry barriers and create a regulatory framework that supports a competitive yet sustainable market for investments. This in turn provides great opportunities for the local supply chain to take part in the green transition, locally and beyond, and I am both excited and honored to support this through JUMBO Consulting Group with the knowledge that I and the wider team has the experience and drive to make it happen.”

JUMBO Consulting Group’s CEO, Morten Søjborg, also commented:

The establishment of an office in Poland is yet another milestone achievement for us. Being “close to home” and having a vast potential in terms of generation capacity and a highly skilled workforce, Poland has the promise to become a major hub for offshore wind development and a bridgehead for us for further expansion into the Baltics.

With this step, we look to expand our presence and build a team of experts locally, bringing our industry centric know-how and combine it with local supply chain and regulatory knowledge.

In Mateusz Dowgalec, we are very happy that we have found a person for the job, who share the same values, drive and ambitions as us, and we look forward to make an impact on the development of renewable energy projects in Poland together.”

About JUMBO Consulting Group

JUMBO Consulting Group is a leading legal, procurement and contract management consultancy specializing in renewable energy projects, with a primary focus on offshore and floating wind. JUMBO Consulting Group provides project consultancy services within procurement and contract management, supply chain development and contract advisory. We support our clients throughout the lifetime of their project from early development to procurement, execution, operation and maintenance phases.

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