Author Michelle Adamick Director of Marketing & Communications

JUMBO Consulting Group just launched its second series of its Climate Awareness initiative named “The Climate Contribution” in November 2022.

What is the Climate Contribution?

The Climate Contribution initiative is about giving back by providing monetary support to notable and trusted non-governmental organisations or non-profits for climate change research and/or action.


The Climate Contribution Initiative is a concept whereby JUMBO CG donates a percentage of its annual profits to a non-governmental organisation or non-profit for climate change research and/or action.


Through the involvement of both the JUMBO CG team and the general public, the Climate Contribution Initiative serves to raise awareness about climate change and provide an example to others to follow or be inspired by.

Step 1: Call for Open-Sourced Suggestions

We have received the following excellent open-sourced suggestions from our network as to which organisation should be supported this year:

  1. Cool Earth
  2. Project Drawdown
  4. Ocean Clean-up
  5. 4Life Solutions
  6. Bioversity International
  7. Andelsgaarde (Co-op farms) (DK)
  8. Grow For It
  9. WWF
  10. Klimaskovfonden (The Climate Forest Fund) (DK)
  11. Natuur & Milieu (Nature & Environment) (NL)
  12. Education of Women to install Solar Panels (US/Puerto Rico)
  13. PV Plant for Electricity for School in the Philippines (PH)

Step 2: Selection of Top 3

We then formed a nomination committee consisting of four JUMBO team members from our offices across the world who came together and narrowed the list down to their top 3 candidates based on their selection criteria which was:

Pass Criteria

  1. Transparency in finance
  2. Media or reputation
  3. Non-political
  4. Background check
  5. Meet climate awareness definition

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Can we at JUMBO stand behind their mission
  2. The organisation/initiative’s overall impact to climate change
  3. The impact JUMBO funds will have on the operations of the organistaion/initiative

Step 3: The Vote & Announcement of the Winner

We put it to a vote by all our team members and are pleased to announce that Grow For It is the winner of this year’s climate contribution where JUMBO Consulting Group will be donating 1% of its 2021 profits.

About Grow For It & the Impact of our Contribution

Grow For It is a non-profit that offers individuals and organisations an opportunity to balance their CO2 emissions by planting trees. You can find out more here:

By donating 1% of the company’s profits we will be offsetting 48 tons of C02 in the air per year for a lifetime by planting 2 hectares of Mangrove trees in saltwater in Madagascar.

Mangroves grow in salt water so they are never short of water and the Mangrove forest is a fantastic type of forest that absorbs and stores large amounts of CO2. It also supports marine life as the roots provide perfect hiding places for small fish, while at the same time the mangrove trees protect the ecosystems against storms and waves. You can read more about Mangrove forests here via Grow For It’s website:

Our team was inspired by the exemplary initiatives and impact of this Danish operated non-profit. Choosing to plant trees in salt water in Madagascar supporting marine life and the climate, as well as supporting equality in the workplace (there are many women planting) is aligned with our company’s vision and values of creating and promoting a more sustainable world and equality in the workplace.

Jens Schiersing Thomsen, founder and co-chairman of Grow For It comments:

“When I received the email from JUMBO Consulting Group about their donation, I thought it was too good to be true – I had to check if it was real. We are pleased that our organisation is being recognized and that more and more leading companies (and from offshore wind) are getting involved to help fight the current climate crisis that we are in today. Grow For It has planted 425 hectares of forest since 2015. In 2022 we have planted approx. 35 hectares in Uganda, 15 hectares in Vietnam, 10 hectares in the Baltics and 10 in Madagascar, vs 2021 – 94 Uganda, 43 Madagascar, and 25 Vietnam. This donation will contribute to raise the number of hectares we wish to plant in Madagascar to fight climate change.

We wish to thank Jumbo Consulting Group for its generous contribution and a particular big thank you because your team chose Grow For It based on the strict criteria you had set. I am very happy that Grow For It signals the transparency that we believe is absolutely necessary when we manage other people’s and companies’ money and we look forward to further cooperation with JUMBO CG in the future.”

Morten Søjborg, CEO of JUMBO Consulting Group comments:

“The single biggest challenge facing us and generations to come is the effects of climate change. Yet, it can sometimes be hard to relate to, quantify what it means, and even harder to identify and implement those small things that we can all do in our daily lives to contribute to a more sustainable way of life. The good news is that some people and organisations are doing exactly that for us.

Our second Climate Awareness initiative, the “Climate Contribution”, is intended to create awareness around such initiatives using our multimedia platforms to activate a wider audience and give the spotlight to NGOs and individuals dedicated to fight climate change and the effects thereof.

“Grow For It” is one of a number of worthy causes brought forward by our network, embodying climate change awareness and action, why I am happy to award this year’s Climate Contribution to them. We look forward to see how our Climate Contribution is translated into hectars of new planted mangrove forest and hope “Grow For It” and other NGOs keep up the good fight and generate more awareness and a wider following for the future”.

About JUMBO Consulting Group

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