Author Michelle Adamick Director of Marketing & Communications

“Receiving the Børsen Gazelle title is an achievement that requires something out of the ordinary,” Børsen.

Each year since 1995 Børsen shortlists and awards Denmark’s fastest growing companies the prestigious Gazelle Award because they believe that Gazelle’s are the engines in our society, role models for job creation, optimism and creativity in Denmark, and that the Gazelle’s lead the way.

A Gazelle Company is a company that is large enough to stand out in their field but also small enough to be adapt quickly to changes. There are 6 criteria that must be met to be awarded a Gazelle – Net Revenue / Gross Profit, Accounting Period, Corporation Requirements, Comparable Reporting Years, Profitability and Growth. The company must demonstrate positive growth the past 4 consecutive years and has at least doubled turnover or gross profit during that period.

Børsen states that despite the past few years being hit hard with crises, Gazelle’s have managed to think innovatively, create growth and achieve the award. Gazelle’s ability to adapt to changed conditions and different ways of doing so deserve focus.

We are therefore proud to announce that JUMBO Consulting Group has been awarded Børsen’s Gazelle this year. The award shows the value of our growing global team who work hard everyday towards the green transition and the value of the role we play working towards a cleaner and more sustainable world with renewable energy.

We wish to thank our team for their efforts in making this happen and our clients for their support and trust placed in us.

We must also congratulate the other Danish companies that were awarded this year’s Gazelle, as it is you that are also innovating, leading the way and creating job growth locally and globally. Well done!