The Climate Moment

Inspired by the offshore wind industry’s “Safety Moments,” JUMBO Consulting Group sets aside time to highlight the environment. With this Climate Initiative, we aim to promote awareness of and propose solutions to climate issues.


During meetings that are scheduled to last over 60 minutes—like monthly team meetings and board meetings—a dedicated 5-10 minute “The Climate Moment” takes place. In this session, a JUMBO team member will present and share their experience, research, observation or idea related to climate and environmental sustainability. The topic can be on a global or local scale, and can be inspired by their day-to-day job or personal life. Climate Moments are the first order of business and are open to participant discussion.

How It Works

  • Climate Moments are helt in meetings longer than 60 mins, usually once a month
  • Meeting participants will take turns in preparing and presenting a Climate Moment
  • Material used for the Climate Moment is shared with the organiser of the meeting
  • Management considers whether an idea or initiative proposed shall be adopted

The Climate Contribution


The Climate Contribution Initiative is a concept whereby JUMBO CG donates a percentage of its annual profits to a non-governmental organisation or non-profit for climate change research and/or action.


Through the involvement of both the JUMBO CG team and the general public, the Climate Contribution Initiative serves to raise awareness about climate change and provide an example to others to follow or be inspired by.