Author Martin Evans UK Country Managing Director +44 7340 534446

To support the commercialisation and growth of Floating Offshore Wind, JUMBO Consulting Group announced today that they have officially launched several new strategic service lines within floating offshore wind via the new Floating Wind Competence Center.

The Floating Wind Competence Center captures knowledge from across the sector, create tools and practices to aid projects and facilitate learning and knowledge sharing across the global offices of JUMBO Consulting Group.

Services and products will include project development advisory and concept optimization tools, procurement services and training. There will be a particular focus on people development with specialist training being available to all newcomers via the Renewable Construction Academy.

“To accelerate the energy transition, we want to help realise the full potential of Floating Offshore Wind. Leveraging our extensive history in fixed-bottom and our recent floating demo project experience, we are focusing on tackling the supply chain and procurement challenges that emerge as floating wind scales up. We welcome any collaboration with parties who share our passion” Martin Evans, UK Country Managing Director.

JUMBO Consulting Group is currently seeking collaborative opportunities with developers and suppliers who are seeking to create best practice. If you would like to be part of this groundbreaking sector, we want to hear from you! Please write to us at

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