Author Michelle Adamick Director of Business Development

JUMBO Consulting Group has dedicated a new focus area dedicated to project development for emerging renewable energy technologies and concepts.

“We are seeing a rapidly changing landscape across the renewable energy industry sector where a more holistic approach to projects for energy generation, transmission, storage and utilization is adopted. This requires us to adapt accordingly, and we are therefore delighted to announce that we have launched our New Markets Key Practice Area to support our clients in the development of exciting projects such as P2X and Energy Island solutions,” Morten Søjborg, CEO of JUMBO Consulting Group.

About JUMBO Consulting Group

JUMBO Consulting Group is a contract advisory, procurement and contract management consultancy with extensive experience in the construction and civil engineering industries specializing in renewable energy projects. JUMBO Consulting Group provides consultancy services throughout the lifespan of a project from early development through the procurement, execution, operation, and maintenance phases.

JUMBO Consulting Group has offices in Copenhagen (Denmark), Hamburg (DE), Oslo (NO), Aberdeen (UK), Warsaw (PL), Seoul (KR), Taipei (TW), and Melbourne (AUS).