Author Michelle Adamick Director of Business Development

Previous Ørsted Director, Jesper Frederiksen joins JUMBO Consulting Group this month, assuming the role as Head of New Markets with a dedicated focus on developing a new business area dedicated to project development for emerging renewable energy technologies and concepts.

Morten Søjborg, CEO of JUMBO Consulting Group, said:

“We are seeing a rapidly changing landscape across the renewable energy industry sector where a more holistic approach to projects for energy generation, transmission, storage and utilization is adopted. This requires us to adapt accordingly, and we are therefore delighted that Jesper is joining us to support our clients in the development of exciting projects such as P2X and Energy Island solutions. anchored in our New Markets business area.”

Jesper Frederiksen has a long-standing career within the civil works & offshore wind industries. Educated as an engineer within construction supported by an EBA, he has held key roles in several large-scale infrastructure projects such as Copenhagen Metro, DR-Byen & Copenhagen district heating tunnel. Most recently Jesper comes from heading up several different units within the offshore wind sector in Ørsted, where he played an integral part of professionalizing the procurement & contract management departments.

Jesper Frederiksen, Head of New Markets at JUMBO Consulting Group, commented:

“I’m proud to be joining JUMBO Consulting Group and am looking forward to contributing with the experience that I have gained over many years of project development. As Head of New Markets, I will apply that experience in a new way looking to add to the commercial and contractual service offering provided by JUMBO in areas within and outside of offshore wind. With JUMBO being rooted in the large scale civil engineering and construction industry and having an international footprint, I truly believe that we are uniquely positioned to support the green transition and the wide array of projects using emerging new technologies to shape the renewable energy industry of the future.”

About JUMBO Consulting Group

JUMBO Consulting Group is a contract advisory, procurement and contract management consultancy with extensive experience in the construction and civil engineering industries specializing in renewable energy projects. JUMBO Consulting Group provides consultancy services throughout the lifespan of a project from early development through the procurement, execution, operation, and maintenance phases.

JUMBO Consulting Group has offices in Copenhagen (Denmark), Hamburg (DE), Oslo (NO), Aberdeen (UK), Warsaw (PL), Seoul (KR), Taipei (TW), and Melbourne (AUS).