Author Michelle Adamick Business Development

As of 1 October 2020, JUT nr. 2099, a company owned by the partners of Bech-Bruun acquired a stake in procurement and contract management consultancy firm, JUM-BO Consulting Group A/S. The investment marks the beginning of a close strategic cooperation between the companies. 

The partnership will enable JUMBO to increase investments in the coming years, both in human capital and in the development of software and other tools that support its service offering and can form part of its product portfolio. Further, JUMBO will accelerate its development of its training offerings to specialists working in the renewable and offshore wind industry.  

According to JUMBO’s CEO, Ulrik Bang-Olsen, the formalization of a strategic cooperation with Bech-Bruun cements a longstanding relationship between the two companies in working together bringing value to clients for the development of offshore wind farm projects: 

“It is deeply rooted in our strategy to provide our clients with solutions that bridge legal, commercial and technical interfaces. Together with BechBruun, we intend to capitalize on the joined experience of each company to create synergies, solutions and products to the benefit of our customers in the delivery of procurement and contract management services. We are delighted that we have found a partner we trust and that share our values and vision for the future development of JUMBO. Ulrik Bang-Olsen, CEO of JUM-BO Consulting Group said. 

Bech-Bruun has in recent years accelerated its growth in the renewable energy sector and has a clearly stated ambition to become a market leader in providing legal tech solutions. For Bech-Bruun the acquisition of a part of JUM-BO Consulting Group is seen as a natural stepping-stone in the execution of its overall strategy. 

Peter Østergaard Nielsen, partner in Bech-Bruun Renewable Energy said: “In JUM-BO Consulting Group, we see a natural partner that supplement and expand our service portfolio, and have a growth potential that we believe Bech-Bruun can assist in realising. We wish to continue our growth in the renewable energy sector and develop software solutions that underpin our consultancy service offering and are happy to have found a partner with the same ambitions.”  

For further information, please contact:
Ulrik Bang-Olsen, CEO, JUM-BO Consultancy Group – Tel:  +45 23 43 63 99