Author Michelle Adamick Director of Business Development

Having been present in the United Kingdom for many years contributing to some iconic offshore wind projects, JUMBO Consulting Group is delighted to finally open a local office. Located in Aberdeen, the newly established office will be headed by Martin Evans.

In connection with the opening, Morten Søjborg, CEO of JUMBO Consulting Group, said:

With the most offshore wind capacity installed in the world, the United Kingdom is and remains a key market for our customers and for recruiting, so it is natural for us to have a footprint there. The outlook shows sustained growth and is specifically interesting in Scotland with the potential for floating offshore wind and with companies transitioning from oil and gas to green energy in the region. We are looking to tap into this talent and to support this transition through onboarding and training, just as we have done in other markets.

Martin Evans, UK Country Managing Director said:

After 16 years in offshore wind working with some of the leading developers and suppliers, I am both excited and privileged to have joined JUMBO Consulting Group as UK Country Managing Director.

Having worked alongside our Danish founders for nearly 10 years, I have witnessed their unwavering commitment to delivering as promised, and to creating a simply brilliant culture within JUMBO Consulting Group. 

I am passionate about recruiting new talent into our industry and advocating for local industry participation. When these are combined with the JUMBO Consulting Group way of working and experience, I believe that we can make a large impact on emissions reduction by supporting the transformation of our energy sector.

About JUMBO Consulting Group

JUMBO Consulting Group is a contract advisory, procurement and contract management consultancy with extensive experience in the construction and civil engineering industries specializing in renewable energy projects. JUMBO Consulting Group provides consultancy services throughout the lifespan of a project from early development through the procurement, execution, operation, and maintenance phases.

JUMBO Consulting Group has offices in Copenhagen (Denmark), Hamburg (DE), Oslo (NO), Aberdeen (UK), Warsaw (PL), Seoul (KR), Taipei (TW), and Melbourne (AUS).